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What You’re Getting

Hybrigo is a visionary mobile app which enables users of mobile devices to provide eco-friendly driving through fuel consumption and CO2 emission reducement.

Ongoing monitoring of your car’s parameters allows you to drive economically and suit your driving style to current conditions. By analyzing your driving statistics you can compare yourself with other drivers and check how quickly you make a progress.

  • Fit your car

    This is unique chance for you to check if your car is suitable for you. Check speed and acceleration statistics. Level of noise in car tells you if its good environment to spend traveling time.

  • Buy smart

    No more doubt. With us you will certainly know which car is the best for you.

  • Improve your drivestyle

    Less CO2 emission. Less TIME waste for driving home. No more being late. Knowledge about economic drivestyle is now accessible for everyone. It’s not so difficult as you think it is.

  • Competition

    Stay with us longer. Challenge yourself in championships. Check if you are better than neighbours. Check if you are really better than your WIFE!

  • CO2

    We all know that CO2 emission isn’t very healthy for us. Be a man and help us save our health. Are you in?

  • Traffic jam - tips

    Stop being traffic-maker. Learn in nicest way ever how to drive better on traffic roads.

How it works

Our mobile app uses GPS and accelerometr to monitor your speed and microphone to check noise inside your car. If you have OBD2 device with bluetooth capabilites, you can connect it with the app, to monitor your fuel consumption and CO2 emission. If you don't have such device, the app will try to estimate those from your speed and car parameters. If internet connection is enabled, the app sends, through RESTful API, saved measurements from your journeys and stores them on your profile. When connected, you have access to comparison to other drivers in categories like: fuel consumption per mile, noise in your car, C02 emission and time spent in traffic jams. You can also check your long term statistics and see how you are becoming better, more eco-friendly driver.

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Here We are. First mobile app that test Your driving style,gives advices and help fits to You the new, better car.Our first version of application support almost all mobile platforms. Now,You can measure fuel consumption,car acceleration,drive comfort and level of economy driving using Your phone and our Hybrigo application.Share Your result with friends,compete with them,use our app to drive better. Now it’s simpler than ever before.